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Recording music on Mac and PC systems since the early 90s has provided the Africa Studios team with a remarkable wealth of build, fix and maintenance know-how. Beyond audio recording, our rock-solid understanding of the general need for stable computing is built upon a deeper understanding of how the systems and software of both platforms work.

All work is undertaken with the ethos 'A Job Worth Doing Is A Job Worth Doing Properly'. The repair of your ageing Mac or PC laptop or desktop computer will be undertaken as professionally as the ground up design and build of a professional multi-Mac, multi-monitor recording studio or five-figure wireless audiophile installation. Even a simple software setup is similarly respected.

We can travel to your home or place of business too, so you need not haul yourself over to us with a computer on your back and a modem in each pocket. For a modest fee we will come and make your computer system function properly in the environment you will actually be using it in.

In addition, we specialise in Mac and PC server & network solutions, our largest area of demand being the supplimental design and supply of high end computerised audiovisual solutions.

These systems typically stream high definition audio and video from a central Mac or PC server to a connected terminal, laptop or handheld device - all your Blu-Rays, DVDs and music conveniently stored in one compact location, with easy, instantaccess from anywhere in your home or business.



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