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Can I come to record for just one hour?

Absolutely, but do be aware of the pitfalls. As a rule the recording process takes some time to set up on the day, so it would be unusual to achieve a great deal in a single hour. We take great pride in what we do and while we appreciate the virtue in haste (not to mention budget) we'd rather not send you home with a sub-standard product. If you are convinced you don't need a whole day, we are happy to book you in at a rate of £20/hour.

Can you master my CD?

Yes we can. Audio mastering is charged at the standard studio rate of £20/hour. For most music (and assuming you're not bringing us something very badly mixed) bank on an hour or so for the first song and half an hour per song thereafter. This is a reasonable guideline, and assumes your material is consistently and competently mixed.


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